What Is Settle Up?

We’re all familiar with the deluge of plastic surgery and anti-aging products in America that fuel our culture’s long-held fetish for youthfulness. But more recently, our cultural obsession with youth has shifted to focus on how soon a person can earn the most money, power and status. This race to become the most important person at the youngest age has led to people treating marriage, having children, and getting a mortgage as symbols of giving up, tapping out, quitting or even a sign of failure. This “defeat” even has a name – settling down.

Shirking adulthood is self-sabotage. Commitments aren’t signs of weakness but rather stepping stones that lead to greater levels of success and happiness. We’re done resigning ourselves to settling down. Instead, we’ve decided to Settle Up.

To Settle Up means:

  • Life gets better the older you get. Every day is better than the last.
  • Commitments are empowering. Embrace boundaries, choose constraints. Creativity thrives best within limitations.
  • To define our own measurements of success.
  • There’s another way to be rich besides earning more – wanting less.
  • To be financially responsible and avoid bad debt.
  • To be decisive.