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Financial independence – FI

You know it’s time to move when you look through pictures of your home after you remodeled it and realize you’ve changed out most pieces of furniture.

My brother Phillip was in town visiting for the holidays recently and as usual we got into talks of our hopes and dreams. He showed us this amazing video of a man named Slomo in San Diego who rollerblades all day and night and is living his best, and happiest life.

The conversation then shifted to financial independence. Phillip asked if we had heard of the FI movement, and the answer was yes. Back when we lived in Colorado I remember reading Mr. Money Mustache’s blog a few times, as he was located just 15 min from where we lived, and I’ve always been fascinated by personal finance. I had also just read this NY Times article on the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early). During this conversation Zach and I became acutely aware that we have gotten too comfortable.

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Why we rent our house out on Airbnb.


Just about every time we go on vacation we rent our house out on Airbnb. When we share this with people, it’s often met with disbelief that we would let people stay in our home while we are away. For Zach and I, it just makes sense. If we have a house that’s sitting empty, why wouldn’t we want to make some money to either subsidize our trip, or pay for it entirely?

This last weekend we went camping at Redwoods National Park. We spent about $60 on gas, $70 on campsites, $100 on food. We were gone for 3 days, 2 nights… and we spent a total of about $230. However, we rented our house out for those same two nights and we made $364. Renting our house out not only paid all our expenses, it left money in our pocket.


Sure, it can be inconvenient. When we leave for a trip and are running around like crazy people packing for a family of 6 while simultaneously keeping the house spotless, each and every time we ask ourselves… is this really worth it? But no matter how much stress it adds we always come to the same conclusion. It’s worth it. We like that we trust in humanity. We like that we get to share our home with others. We also really like the fact that we come home to a clean house.

Renting our house out gives us the opportunity to go on family trips more often. We are able to make memories with our kids and hope that they will remember climbing on huge trees in the Redwoods and running around soaking wet in all their clothes on the beach and going on hikes in beautiful canyons. Airbnb makes life more fun.

Photo of our master bedroom by Red Aspen Photography