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Why we rent our house out on Airbnb.


Just about every time we go on vacation we rent our house out on Airbnb. When we share this with people, it’s often met with disbelief that we would let people stay in our home while we are away. For Zach and I, it just makes sense. If we have a house that’s sitting empty, why wouldn’t we want to make some money to either subsidize our trip, or pay for it entirely?

This last weekend we went camping at Redwoods National Park. We spent about $60 on gas, $70 on campsites, $100 on food. We were gone for 3 days, 2 nights… and we spent a total of about $230. However, we rented our house out for those same two nights and we made $364. Renting our house out not only paid all our expenses, it left money in our pocket.

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