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Our Airbnb Rental. Sort of.

After years of considering and trying to find a way to have a full time airbnb rental. We have one! Kind of. As you probably already know by now, we are big Airbnb fans. We use it to find places to stay when we travel, and we also use it to rent out our home when we are gone. We. Love. It.

We initially thought about renting out our basement bedroom several months back, after we added a door in the laundry room. Having a second entrance made it feel like, why wouldn’t we do this? After a lot of excitement we ultimately decided that a few extra dollars wasn’t worth the hassle.


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However, after being able to talk with other people who are also renting out spaces in their homes and really genuinely enjoying meeting the people who rent from them, we had to at least give it a shot.

Based on our research, we anticipated that we would make around $1,000-1,200 a month renting out our basement bedroom.. However, we posted on our instagram page about it and shortly after, our sister in law called. Her brother’s family had just moved to Tuscon from Portland right before her nephew’s senior year. And they had been looking relentlessly for a place for him to stay during his last year of high school. So we decided to rent the room to him. Room and Board- $400 a month.

Our kids love him and we think it’s going to be a good year! For now, Airbnb is on the back burner. Some day we will make it happen.

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