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My engagement ring, and why it says so much.


When Zach proposed to me, he defied all rules. He didn’t ask my Father’s permission, he went against his parents advice, he didn’t kneel down on one knee, and he asked me to marry him with a simple, white gold band- no diamonds. We were sitting in his car parked on a street that had maybe a little bit of a city view and that’s where our eternal commitment to each other started (I later found out he was so nervous he was just driving around with me in the car looking for a place to propose).

When I told people we were engaged, they thought I was kidding. Why didn’t they believe me? Well, my ring didn’t have a diamond on it. I had multiple people tell me “you can just get a cubic zirconia to wear until you can afford a diamond”. One time a girl who heard I was engaged asked me to see my ring (naturally). When I held out my hand, she twisted the ring around and said “You didn’t want a diamond?” With an extremely confused look on her face.

When Zach decided he wanted to ask me to marry him, he went into the local jewelers and asked “what’s the least expensive ring you have?” Zach had about $100 to his name, and spent about $40 of that on my ring. I cannot express how grateful I am for this! We were surrounded by others who were getting engaged and taking out loans to buy rings that cost thousands of dollars. And here Zach was, being financially responsible*, not going into debt, and allowing us to start off our marriage right.

Getting engaged was not about a diamond. And it definitely wasn’t about buying a cubic zirconia to give off the image of wealth and conformity. It was about having the man I loved, and love even more today, ask me to spend the rest of our lives together. The ring was a symbol of this commitment and nothing more. To this day, my ring reminds me of the love Zach has for me and it now symbolizes how we try to live our lives: simple, debt free, and committed.

*Some may argue that getting engaged with $100, well $60, in your bank account would not be financially responsible, but we were college students and I’ll admit, it was a little crazy in hindsight.

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